MUGA - Multi Use Games Area Cheshire

Multi use games areas are very popular in several different establishments including schools, leisure clubs and sport clubs all around the United Kingdom. Many organisations have decided to install MUGA pitch floodlights in Cheshire for their sports facilities for several reasons. The installation of outdoor floodlighting allows your facility to become more cost effective, as you can use the pitch when visibility is poor – during non-daylight hours. This is great for organisations such as sports and leisure clubs as it allows the pitch to be rented out for evening training sessions, which can lower the cost for running the pitch and create more revenue.

Multi Use Sports Area Cheshire

As the name suggests, the MUGA can accommodate a variety of sports including, Netball, Football, Tennis, Circuits, Basketball, Athletics, Community Projects, General Recreation.

If your looking for Multi Use Sports Area in Cheshire give Leisure Surfaces a call.

Resurface your Cheshire Tennis Court

Artificial grass tennis courts resurfacing can be as simple as lifting the old artificial grass carpet, cleaning the base surface and making sure drainage is adequate then laying a new artificial grass carpet. Like resurfacing an artificial grass tennis court to upgrade a Macadam tennis court could not be simpler, clean the old tennis court surface, make sure drainage is good if not drill small drainage holes then lay a new artificial grass carpet. With all tennis courts the actual site needs to be surveyed prior to any work and with Leisure Surfaces we carry this out for FREE and offer many options so you, the client has the information to make the right decision.

It is important to note that there are many different artificial grass carpets all having different playing and maintenance characteristics, and these should be fully explored before committing to a new artificial grass tennis court.

Tennis Court resurfacing Cheshire

All tennis courts require attention due to wear, weather and sometimes lack of regular maintenance. Initially, an inspection can identify if it is possible to refurbish the facility, whether an artificial grass court that needs refurbishing or a hard tennis court that needs cleaning and painting. Should the option of refurbishment not be possible then a further inspection will provide the information to look at a partial or full tennis court resurfacing. With Leisure Surfaces tennis courts it is normally possible to simply skim the worn of damaged surface and then paint. There are also options should the court be badly damaged to carry out repairs to these areas and then skim. Most important is to assess what damage and why before a viable solution is provided thus supplying options that will suit your budget and longevity of the tennis court.

Tennis Court Construction Cheshire

We carry out regular tennis court and sport surface maintenance and tennis court resurfacing in Cheshire to maintain condition and safety regulations. From power washing textured macadam surfaces to freshening synthetic grass, we know exactly what services are required to return any sporting surface to its best possible condition. Maintenance is essential as hard courts can become slippery due to a build-up of moss, while colour spraying may also be necessary after a period of five to six years.

Design and Construct Tennis Courts Cheshire

Leisure Surfaces are specialist when it comes to building all-weather sports surfaces ranging from tennis courts to 3rd Generation artificial grass surfaces (MUGA). We have been building sporting surfaces and tennis courts for some time across Cheshire and we are delighted to offer our services to sports clubs, schools, councils and private homes across Cheshire. We construct our tennis courts to SAPCA standards and our free quotation service is the best way to find out more about our tennis court construction services, with honest advice guaranteed. We are specialist contractors when it comes to new tennis court and sporting surface construction. We regularly carry out tennis court and sport surface constructions services for schools, councils and clubs and have plenty of experience in tennis court construction. We offer a no obligation site visit that involves assessing the area of construction and provide you with all the information you need. Some of the many courts and sporting surfaces we build include tennis courts, artificial surfaces, synthetic surfaces and more. One of our most popular hard courts is the open textured macadam surface.

Tennis Courts in Cheshire

Leisure Surfaces, the best known name in tennis courts, offer a full design, construction, tennis court maintenance, resurfacing and cleaning service throughout Cheshire.

A Leisure Surfaces Tennis Court is an investment from the quality of the materials we use and the skills and experience that we have developed over decades as tennis court builders. Whatever the type of surface you need from all round family use to championship level tennis we have the surface to match your needs.


Quality Tennis Courts Cheshire

Our tennis courts are beautiful and designed to blend in with their surroundings. But it’s the quality of the surfaces we use and the quality of construction, below the lush green playing surface and crisp white lines, that ensure that your Leisure Surfaces tennis court will give you years and years of fun and enjoyment.

If your Looking for a Quality Tennis Court in Cheshire or a Bespoke Tennis Court in Cheshire call us today.

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